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Working where, when and how I thought it was my dream and so I search for a practical solution on the internet.So now I can work from home, but still have the choice in hand to fly–laptop!

Simply put, that means I’m running an internet business and using automated systems to convey my message to people who might also be looking for a way to create a happier morning


I suggest to other educational products and services, that I think would find value in those products and services and then I get a fee to do so. This method is largely automated, and my company runs as soon as it is set up whether or not I work on it.

My dream is to help others build lives with far more time and financial independence, and I do this by helping people gain access to the same information, mentors and online community that I have so that they too can benefit from the SFM and take advantage of this wonderful business opportunity.

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I heal from Kogi state of Nigeria, and I lived in Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria

I study accounting and Auditing in Tafawa Balewa University in the Northern part of Nigeria from 1995 to 2000. I worked as an Accounting Officer in Harrison Mortgage Bank in Abuja of Nigeria.

I immigrated to France where am living presently with my family in 2008 and later got separated with my husband, then, living with my two children in the year 2014 ended up as a single mother.

I have been struggling to secure a job that matches my inspirations because of the language barrier it was difficult. I’ve to study french language perfectly, taken care of my children, this really cost me a self back in my career, whereby I have to be doing miner job from one contract to another which am not comfortable with, yet not well paid to take care of my families as a single mother, I couldn’t go on vacation with my children due to the low income I was not really happy with what I was doing as a job then, I later register a company called Emma mic Beauty where I was selling cosmetic, etc everything was not working.



In 2019 through my Searching of the business that i could do to change my life, on internet, Youtube I came across SFM, Meaning Six Digital Expert Academy where I made my enrollment to study as Digital Expert marketing.

Today I’m a successful Digital Expert marketing laptop lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Yes, I’m happy with myself because I have my total freedom no more waken up in the morning rushing to work, living children at home, I have enough time for myself and my children. We can go on vacations and I have overcome financial incapability.

I had eventually received my instantaneous results from Digital Expert Academy. (SFM), being a Digital entrepreneur. My dream is fulfilled.




Each journey begins with the first step…

I can’t tell you where it’s going to take you. We really still do not know what’s possible for you. Yet one thing that we can be sure of is that if you never take the first step towards it, it certainly never will happen.

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